From Cliche to Clique: A Bluffers’ Guide to SLT

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Ever mindful of my role in persuading others to join the ranks of senior leadership, I am writing this post to outline the dos and don’ts of “talking the talk” to enable you to “walk the talk” of SLT membership.  I take as my inspiration this poster on quoting Shakespeare (if you haven’t seen it chances are it’ll be in the English office at your school), in which Bernard Levin strings together the various neologisms coined by the Bard that have fallen into widespread usage over the centuries since his works were written and published.

Who knows, in 400 years’ time this post might adorn Headteachers’ offices all over the country.  Enjoy!

Selling yourself

First of all, as a highly values-driven, emotionally intelligent and resilient middle leader, you will need to ensure that you have a compelling vision and/or shared vision and a proven track record to back it…

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