HGS CPD. Festival of Learning Part 2: The Ideas Marketplace

A really nice idea for CPD that has worked well in many schools – let me know if you think we should do a KHS version next year! Tim


The marketplace map; hundreds of ideas to engage with. The marketplace map; hundreds of ideas to engage with.

This post follows directly from Festival of Learning Part 1. The Teachmeet.  The second part of our CPD day was based on a model that we developed when I was at KEGS – reported in this post.  The marketplace model was always going to be one of the ideas I imported.  The basic instruction to staff was something like this:  show something that you’ve been working on this year: something you think is working or something you’ve been exploring that people might find interesting.  We tried to stress that this wasn’t about showing off great successes – just sharing the everyday practice we engage with all the time, warts and all.

Everyone rose to the occasion, working individually or in small groups, to put together a comprehensive array of stalls.  In fact there were too many separate stations for…

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