Exit Tickets

Entrance and Exit Tickets – why not try these this term?

Blog post originally from @TomBrush1982, there are loads of templates on Pinterest, TES and Dropbox.

I have recently started to use entrance tickets and exit tickets in my theory lessons as way to connect learning between lessons. As pupils enter the room I would give them an entrance ticket that would include a question or couple of questions based on the previous lessons learning. This would act as a recap and as a starter activity for pupils to complete as soon as they entered the room.
The exit ticket works in the same way, where I may get pupils to summarise something they have learnt in the lesson, describe the progress they have made or complete an exam question. They would have to hand this to me before they left the room.  To connect learning between lessons I give pupils back the previous lessons exit ticket to help them complete the new lessons entrance ticket. You can also differentiate and colour code the entrance tickets and let pupils choose which ticket to complete.
Other templates I have used for exit tickets have included pupils tweeting me something, writing their learning on a phone template as a text message and through writing a facebook status.
Pupils summarise learning using phone template
Write a facebook status and stick to the board
Send a postcard home to a family member, friend or famous person
Using ifaketext.com to create an imaginary text from a famous person.

If you have access to iPads in the lesson, pupils could write something onto a wall using Padlet which can be shared or printed off. You could also use google forms or Socrative for the same purpose. The summaries can be kept for assessment purposes.

Google Form

The entrance and exit tickets can be differentiated on arrival for pupils to choose which difficulty of task to complete.

The tickets can also include an image with a couple of key words or questions to promote discussion as pupils enter or leave the room.

If your pupils have access to iPads or smartphones the tickets could include QR codes that link to questions or videos.