Google Classroom – try it!


50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

For those of you who like to try something different (and free) there are some great suggestions from Alice Keeler on how to use Google Apps for education  let me know what you think!

1. Make Class Announcements
2. Sharing Resources
3. Multiple Files in an Assignment
4. Create a Lesson
5. Easily View Student Submission
6. Go Paperless
7. Simplify the Turn In Process
8. Protect Privacy
9. Reduce Cheating
10. Classroom Collaboration
11. Create a Discussion
12. Organize Assignments with Due Dates
13. Feedback Before Students Submit
14. Email Students
15. Notify Students Who May Need Help
16. Assignment Q&A
17. Create an Ad Hoc Playlist
18. Email Feedback
19. Create Folders
20. Link Directly to Student Work
21. Collect Data
22. Share with Multiple Classes
23. Collaborative Note Taking
24. Display Student Work
25. One Student One Slide
26. Target Parent Phone Calls
27. Polling
28. Share a Document with the Class
29. Know Who Edits a Collaborative Document
30. Link to a Website
31. After Hours Help
32. Peer Feedback
33. Distribute Notes
34. Sharing Informal Learning
35. Email the Teacher
36. Student Projects
37. Eliminate Schlepping Papers Home
38. Have One Place for All Files
39. Document Digital Work
40. Students Create Google Docs
41. Clearly Identify Student Work
42. View Assignments
43. Virtual Office Hours
44. Collaborate with Peers (PLC’s)
45. Virtual Faculty Meetings
46. Streamline Counseling
47. Watch Students Do Homework
48. Observe Another Classroom
49. Share Student Samples
50. Provide Choices

10 Silver Arrows: Ideas to penetrate the armour of ingrained practice

A really useful blog that outlines what to focus on / what matters.



Harold_dead_bayeux_tapestry One arrow, aimed at the right place…..that’s all it takes.

Silver Arrows?

It’s very hard to change your practice.  We’re all so busy, very often it is difficult to create space to fully explore a set of ideas and to deliberately adapt our teaching routines to absorb something new.  At the same time, we’re often bombarded with initiatives and issues to address.  It can be overwhelming.  I’ve been thinking about the possibility of stripping down each initiative or development area to something very simple; one idea that captures the spirit of a wider set of strategies.  This would be the thing where you could say if you do just one thing, do this.  A Silver Arrow is one that you allow to penetrate your armour; it changes what you routinely do.

There isn’t a definitive research-informed list; I’m presenting a set of ideas that I think make good Silver Arrow contenders…

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