Our current approach includes the use of ‘Yellow Box’ marking for feedback which incorporates KIRT (Kesgrave Improvement and Reflection Time). More details can be found in the Marking and Feedback policy on the Z drive.

Yellow Box


I will list examples and case studies on feedback here – more can be found on the T&L resources folder in the Z drive:

Guidance on the Feedback Fortnight in January can be found here:

Guidance for feedback fortnight Jan 2015 Subject feedback and marking sheet Teacher feedback and marking sheet

If you would like to try out some new approaches please see below:

Dylan Williams has produced a handy guide for student engagement and formative feedback:

Formative assessment strategies

A useful document posted by @headguruteacher in June – reduce workload and increase impact!


Strategies from the Feedback Fortnight 2014 are posted here:

1) Feedback Tips – Presentations

2) Feedback Tips – Post It

3) Feedback Tips – Practical Work

4) Feedback Tips – Plenary Pyramid

5) Feedback Tips – Post It 2

6) Feedback Tips – Peer Review

7) Feedback Tips – Feedback

8) Feedback Tips – PE Oriented

9) Feedback Tips – Feedback Sandwich

10) Feedback Tips – Question Wall

11) Feedback Tips – Scan and Plan

12) Feedback Tips – Discussion Work

13) Feedback Tips – Group Critique

14) Feedback Tips – Practical Work

15) Feedback Tips – Is it a smile

16) Feedback Tips – GCSE Reflection

17) Feedback Tips – KS3 Review

18) Feedback Tips – Peer to Peer

19) Feedback Tips – Coach’s Eye

20) Feedback Tips – Two bullets essay



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