Resources and guidance will appear shortly along with Best Practice from the country / world… but in the meantime please use these members of staff as the first point of contact:

Literacy: Ms McArdle

The literacy marking guide can be found below:


As part of the school’s Cognitive Acceleration work please find below a selection of resources we have been using with staff and students:

Introduction to Cog Acc

Literacy – Pupil’s Examples

Literacy CPD session

Here is an example of the Design and Technology Literacy Mat – all subjects will soon have bespoke versions of this:

Technology literacy mat

Please can I draw your attention to a very useful website aimed at helping teachers adapt lessons for students with Dyslexia.

The website is, and you will find a range of free advice and practical resources to help with lessons. is a great site for sharing students work:

A great resource for teachers

They are teachers, too. They know how important it is to inspire pupils. Over the years they have created a unique bank of children’s writing with over 20,000 published young authors. Sorted by age group, genre and topic, it is available to teachers all over the world for free.

Publishing your pupils’ work provides them with the opportunity to interact with a worldwide community, gaining awareness of other cultures. Bring the magic of a global audience into the classroom!

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