Teach like a champion

Teach Like a Champion

Doug LemovDoug Lemov is managing director of Uncommon Schools and oversees its True North network. He is the former president of School Performance and former vice president for accountability at the State University of New York Charter Schools Institute. He also trains school leaders and teachers and has taught English and History at the university, high school and middle school levels. Visit Doug at http://www.douglemov.com

An in depth explanation can be found in this YouTube clip from Doug;

I have listed here the 49 techniques that ‘put students on the path to college’. These techniques have proven it is possible to close any perceived achievement gaps (details can be found in the book, and I am also working on a simplified version for staff and will post on here). I will put video clips on the network shortly and post a link.

  1. No Opt Out
  2. Right is Right
  3. Stretch It
  4. Format Matters
  5. Without Apology
  6. Begin with the End
  7. 4 Ms
  8. Post It
  9. Shortest Path
  10. Double Plan
  11. Draw the Map
  12. The Hook
  13. Name the Steps
  14. Board = Paper
  15. Circulate
  16. Break it Down
  17. Ration
  18. Check for Understanding
  19. At Bats
  20. Exit Ticket
  21. Take a Stand
  22. Cold Call
  23. Call and Reposnse
  24. Pepper
  25. Wait Time
  26. Everybody Writes
  27. Vegas
  28. Entry Routine
  29. Do Now
  30. Tight Transitions
  31. Blinder Control
  32. SLANT
  33. On Your Marks
  34. Seat Signals
  35. Props
  36. 100 Percent
  37. What To Do
  38. Strong Voice
  39. Do It Again
  40. Sweat the Details
  41. Threshold
  42. No Warnings
  43. Positive Framing
  44. Precise Praise
  45. Warm / Strict
  46. The J-Factor
  47. Emotional Consistency
  48. Explain Everything
  49. Normalize Error

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