How to create a knowledge organiser

Knowledge organisers – could be really useful across all subjects so keen to hear your thoughts…

This post follows the huge interest in my last, How to use a knowledge organiser. It is deliberately generic, and so I will write a further post on how I began to create KOs for history.

At Torquay Academy we’re now looking at how to improve our KOs after introducing them school-wide in September. The advice below is what I have suggested to our staff.

Making a knowledge organiser

The KO is like a scheme of work, but simpler and more effective. It doesn’t need ‘Do Nows’ and chunked activities; it doesn’t need to be differentiated; it doesn’t need lots of detail. It is a whole course and a two-minute quiz, a revision timetable and a cover lesson.

It is not a bolt-on. The only thing that should come before it is what we want children to learn. It should underpin every single thing we do in every…

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