EEF Research & Evidence Library of Guidance Report References

Staffordshire Research School have collated ALL the EEF guidance reports into one padlet – amazing work. Over the last few weeks they have invested a fair few hours to source direct links to as many pieces of evidence and research referenced in the EEF’s Guidance Reports, with the hope that it will save school leaders and teachers 1000’s of hours replicating the searches, as some are pretty hard to track down!! In the Padlet link you will find:

  • 15 EEF Guidance Reports
  • Over 760 direct links to the research sources
  • The overwhelming majority of the links we have sourced are freely accessible (but not all unfortunately – and really should be to educators, in our opinion!)
  • Where possible we have located and provided links to PDFs so they can be directly accessed, saved and stored (or we have saved them and uploaded them already for you)

Be patient – it’s a very large Padlet page so takes a short while to load all links and documents – stick with it, it does work! The internet evolves rapidly too, so if you find any links are broken, please let us know so we can keep this as up to date and as useful as possible. you can email here.

In return, all we ask is that you follow us on twitter @JTStaffsRSch tweet/retweet it, tag us in and spread the word so that as many people can benefit as possible and we all save each other as much time as we can. Feel free to share it, use it and signpost it in training and with colleagues.

Here’s the link, we hope you find it useful –…

Nathan Morland – Research School Director

Carly Kelly – Research School Co-ordinator

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