CPD – Curriculum

Joe Kirby blog:

Teachers and school leaders are trailblazing a golden age of professional learning.

150,000 *now freeNational Professional Qualifications over the next 3 years with a codified body of knowledge and evidence as a *golden thread* journey of ITT, ECT, middle leadership, senior leadership, headship and executive headship.

50,000 Early Careers Teachers training on teacher-selected core contentwith mentoring, focused on behaviour, instruction and their subject.

10,000 Oak Academy lessons filmed and curriculum sequences drafted and shared for free.

1000s of podcasts and blogposts online, and more and more by teachers, for free.

100s of Greenshaw CPD videos, book club videos and video lessons, all for free online.

20+ subject curriculum research reviews webinars, collated for free.

But time is limited. How can we work out what’s best?

Find the treasure troves. 

In this series, I’m sketching treasure maps of where to unearth some of the smallest but most precious hidden gems. We’re looking for CPD that is free, fast and flexible. It should cost nothing (so no paid courses), not take too much time (so no full books), and be accessible anywhere on the planet (so no location-based events).

Treasure Troves to build your staff culture expertise, first.

Treasure Troves to build your student culture expertise, next.

Treasure Troves to build your curriculum expertise, in this blogpost.

Let’s continue with curriculum.

Treasure Troves of hidden gems to build your curriculum expertise

  1. Pedagogy is overratedteaching and learning is dead – Stuart Lock, Adam Boxer
  2. Curriculum Coherence – Jasper Greene; Cambridge Assessment
  3. Curriculum leadershipseries – Jonathan Mountstevens
  4. Subject leaderserieswhat leaders need to know about curriculum – Nick Hart
  5. Curriculum bookletcurriculum series and residue knowledge – Joshua Vallance
  6. Curriculum don’ts and the Curriculum One-Stop-Shop – Adam Boxer
  7. Myth-busting and over-documentation – Heather Fearn
  8. Four Curriculum Warnings – curriculum thinking series – Claire Stoneman
  9. Curriculum progression – Subject leadership Michael Fordham
  10. Curriculum knowledgeDon’t change the subject! Supporting subject leadersGenericism’s childrenSenior curriculum leadership – Christine Counsell
  11. Curriculum as narrativeCurriculum as boxset– Robbie Burns; Neil Almond
  12. 10 principles of curriculum design3 principles – Matea Marcinko, Ambition
  13. How much of the Curriculum should be insisted on? – Ben Newmark
  14. Defining terms – John Tomsett
  15. Curriculum Links: Principles – Adam Robbins, Cogscisci
  16. Assessing Curriculum Intent – Mr Morgs
  17. Curriculum Directory – the curriculum will not be photocopied – Ruth Ashbee
  18. Thinking about curriculum collection – Shaun Allison
  19. Five curriculum threads – Andy Tharby, Mary Myatt
  20. Curriculum questions across subjects – Tom Sherrington
  21. Seven curriculum distinctions for subject leaders; 3 best arguments against a knowledge-rich curriculum – John Hutchinson for ResearchEd home
  22. Curriculum: the challenges of change – Tom Boulter
  23. Curriculum Outliers – Sarah Jones
  24. Booklets – Amy Coombe, Ruth Ashbee, Kat Howard, Adam Boxer, Adam Robbins, Jo Facer, Ben Newmark

Lastly, in a single sentence, I’ve summarised 24 top, free articles on curriculum here

All this has got me wondering – is it worth expanding this series to include a collection on assessment, and a cognitive science collection? 

It may well be the best time in all of human history to learn about the curriculum, with free, fast, flexible, focused, teacher-led CPD at our fingertips anywhere we go.

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