Effective Practice Project

Best Practice Project

Over the past 5 years staff at KHS have been working on the Best Practice Project (BPP). This included staff from all subjects areas, support staff, teachers and Leadership. Each member of staff took responsibility for a specific area (or worked with a partner) of teaching and learning. This included researching and evaluating current practice in our school, investigating what other schools are doing, and then distilling this into an easy to access format on the school Teaching and Learning drive.

Meetings started in early May 2014 and centred around staff volunteering their time and focussing on an area of practise. Work was then peer critiqued and several drafts completed (early examples of Ethic of Excellence); staff were very open and keen to collaborate. This work will be shared in various formats on this site but for obvious reasons not all resources will appear here (these can be accessed on the T&L drive under Best Practice). It is worth noting who was involved from the beginning and which areas were focussed on as it gives a point of contact for the staff body for the ongoing work:

Areas of focus:

In the past we have focussed on Active learning, Assessment, Behaviour for Learning, Boys Achievement, Differentiation, Educational Research, Feedback and Marking, Homework, IRIS, Literacy Digital Literacy and Numeracy, Learning Characteristics, Mixed Ability Teaching, Ofsted and Observations, Planning to be Positive , Questioning , Staff CPD, Starters and Plenaries, SEN and EAL, TA’s in the classroom, TLC’s. This year (17/18) we will be using the Learning Scientists work to frame our action research.

Staff involved:

All teaching staff will be involved in action research this year – click on the ‘Research Leads’ tab for more information.

We now refer to the BPP as the Effective Practise Project!


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